Abstract Submission

  • A template is provided. In the template you have
    • To choose between LONG PRESENTATION  and CONCISE PRESENTATION, deleting what does not apply
    • Replace the mock title by the real one (no longer than two lines), keeping the lettering style.

    • After “Presenting author:” replace the mock author full name by the real author full name, in identical style. Do the same after Co-authors, but there give last name followed by first name initials as exemplified.

    • Use the superindexes to provide the affiliation by replacing the mock affiliations shown for illustration, keeping the same style that is shown.

    • Remember to eliminate he superindices that are not used and the mock affiliations remaining, once the correct ones have been listed. If needed, add more superindex numbers and affiliations

    • Text of abstract. Up to 2500 characters, including spaces, in Arial 10, single spaced. Please delete the instruction given concerning the number of characters.

    • After the abstract, acknowledge the financial support very concisely (up to two lines). Delete “up to two lines”.

    • Print as pdf and send it by email to

  • You can use the template provided for initial proposal for acceptance.
  • You MUST use this template for the final abstract after acceptance of your participation in the Conference.
  • The format must be exactly that of the Template. Send the proposal, and, after acceptance, the full Abstract, to the Scientific secretariat,