You are invited to actively attend and participate in the “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON UREAGENESIS DEFECTS AND ALLIED CONDITIONS 2022. NOVEL MODELS AND TREATMENT OPTIONS” (Valencia, Spain, 16-20 of October 2022; scientific sessions 17-19). This conference, second edition of the one held in Pontresina (Switzerland) in March 2018 (see Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseases, vol 42, issue 6, November 2019), seeks bringing together leading experts on ureagenesis defects and related conditions, as, for example, carbonic anhydrase 5a deficiency, pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase (P5CS) deficiency, or even defects of pyrimidine synthesis sharing highly similar steps to those of the urea cycle (like CAD deficiency). New experimental models, contributions to the understanding of these defects, and promising therapeutic avenues, should be key issues. To foster novel work and ideas, we encourage the presentation of work still unpublished or in the publishing process. Close interactions and discussions shall be crucial components of the conference. Participants could make long presentations (typically 20 min+10 min discussion) or concise presentations (typically "5 minutes-5 slides", plus equal discussion time).

To commemorate the nearly 25 years since citrin deficiency was recognized and linked to type II citrullinemia, and to highlight the need for worldwide awareness on this disorder, the conference will include a Spotlight half-day Session on citrin deficiency, with the sponsorship of the Citrin Foundation.

Valencia is a very ancient (>2000 years) middle-sized (nearly 1-million inhabitants), highly attractive Mediterranean University city with generally perfect weather in October, where already 47 years ago Sir Hans Krebs chaired a memorable Urea Cycle Conference (see “The Urea cycle” Grisolia, Baguena and Mayor, eds, Wiley, 1976). Our conference will have two venues in the same area of the historical part of Valencia: the University of Valencia Botanical Garden for the first half of the meeting, and the Auditorium of the St Ursula Campus of the Valencia Catholic University for the meeting’s second half. For management and funding reasons, and also given the limited time, the meeting will be restricted to around 50 participants. Acceptance will depend on adequacy and merit of presentation. Please send to your name and affiliation, the proposed title of your presentation and a summary (or the full abstract in the template given below) for deciding on acceptance of your participation.